A fine line between fiction and reality.

The technology and societal infrastructure in Legend of Sumeria's series of books are based on true-to-life emerging science, and are only accentuated by their frightening plausibility. Click the corresponding image for further art and story behind the theme.

The SĒQ Network

Human genome collection through DNA Testing is a real thing. The SĒQ Network uses personal genetic data for targeted online experiences and advertising…it’s not just the next internet, it’s life by your own code.

Breakthrough Gene Therapy

The Tigris gene therapy eliminates the risk of infectious disease for those who can afford it, but how might this effect the psychology of modern civilization?

Sustainable Silicon Life

A rogue planet has somehow joined Earth in orbit. Humans will always only be as alone in this universe as they believe themselves to be.


A mysterious symbol arises during a bio-terrorist attack. Might it have something to do with the strange occurrences in civilization or the universe?

Limited First Edition Cover Art

Order now to guarantee your copy has ``Twisted Scales`` cover design by Jay Webb. Limited availability.

Born from Viable Science

The science behind our story is brought to you by acclaimed biomedical engineer, Dr. Biju Parekkadan.  Throughout the book, he provides hard science sketches to keep the story moving and your mind wondering.

  • recognized by President Obama with an Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (2012)..
  • Doctorate from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
  • Dr. Parekkadan’s discoveries have been published in many prestigious science  journals

Dr. Parekkadan’s daily work in biotechnology research and education provides a unique perspective in the creation of the viable science behind LEGEND OF SUMERIA. 

More Career Info

Creation Team

We are scientists and creatives who believe that we should cross paths and inspire one another more often.

A mobile Interactive Experience

Coming in 2018, you can experience all of the eye opening science fiction of Legend of Sumeria in 3D interactive form. The Zyndo software takes your graphic novel experience to a whole new scale of existence.

Parallax Responsive

Watch the layers of our artwork come to life with the motion of your tablet or phone.

3d Models

Touchable, 3 dimensional science models mixed in with the story pages make this immersive story even more entertaining and educational

Multiple languages

Easily read Legend of Sumeria in multiple languages by going to the menu of the application.

Music and Voice

The story and science behind our Legend of Sumeria zBook are enhanced with narration and soundtrack.